Pete Allen - Founder

Pete Allen

I founded Carrotcruncher Media in 2018, with a view to offering people who are experts in their field the ability to host and produce their own professional podcasts.  As my clients know, a good sounding podcast can be a businesses most powerful marketing tool.

I've always been passionate about growing audiences through audio entertainment and I LOVE podcasts as a medium, because they're a natural (and inexpensive) way to do that. 

I worked in the Radio industry for 25 years professionally as a Producer and Presenter across the East Midlands on top rated commercial and BBC stations, whilst working part-time as a lecturer in media at Nottingham College.  I've also spent my fair share of time on the back of a bus (c'mon, hold the jokes...you're better than that!)

I work with a team of talented freelancers at Carrotcruncher. We offer our clients a personalised service that is second to none. Every client has a different set of circumstances, so I work with them initially to identify their needs, and we work out a specific bespoke working solution to make life as easy as possible for them.

They really appreciate the work we do. Please have a look at some of their kind words in the testimonials.....

Frank Flegg testimonial

Kindly provided by...

Frank Flegg - founder of Ethical Property Partners and host of The  Sophisticated Property Investing Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Jez D'Aggy testimonial

Bashed out by...

Jez DAggy - Former professional boxer, personal trainer. at premierperformancetraining.co.uk and host of Boxing Talk with Jez DAggy - The podcast - LISTEN HERE

Radiantly recorded by...

Jake Lowe - Professional running coach and host of Running with Jake: The PLODcast - LISTEN HERE

Fabulously filmed by...

Anna Geary & Anita Baldwin - founders of Get Savvy Club and hosts of The Marketing Marketing Made Easy Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Jeff Martin testimonial

Perfectly penned by...

Jeff Martin - founder of Erewash Sound and host of The  Radio Rollback Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Roger Hunt testimonial

Calmly crafted by...

Roger Hunt - Founder  and coach at Aldertree Mindfulness - VISIT HERE

Ash Karamucki testimonial

Dynamically delivered by...

Ash Karamucki - Property investor, facilitator and host of The Enterprise Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Nick Dutton testimonial

Brilliantly biro'd by...

Nick Dutton - Director of Engage Finance and host of The Entrepreneur Academy Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Bethany Unwin testimonial

Skillfully scripted by...

Bethany Unwin  - Actor, educator and host of The  Performer Talks Podcast - LISTEN HERE

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