The Evidence

Podcasting connects with it's audience like no other medium - It was once considered niche but has recently become mainstream - They engage with their listeners, who take direct actions based on the what they hear.  Here's the evidence....

Rajar: Official audience research

"Radio Joint Audience Research" - They have always measured Radio listening figures in the U.K.  Since the rise in digital/online listening, they now also measure Podcast listening habits in their quarterly "Midas Report".  Q3, Autumn 2019 is out and Podcasts are stronger than ever:

Podcast listening continues to rise in all demographics.  The number of weekly Podcast listeners in the UK has risen by an massive 2.9 million adults (15+) since this time last year.

Podcasts now attract 9.4 million weekly listeners in the UK.  To give that context: The UK's biggest radio programme (Radio 2 Breakfast with Zoe Ball) has 8.24million listeners.  Proving once again that Podcasts are mainstream.

Podcasts are the number one listened to medium on headphones, and 90% of Podcast listeners are listening to Podcasts when alone.  Which means we have engaged listeners.

Podcast listeners are listening for TWICE AS LONG as they were two years ago, which means that YOUR messages stand twice the chance of being heard.

Midas report

Acast "Audience Intelligence Report".

Acast host 50% of the U.K.'s Podcasts and carry out this report annually - Here are some key findings from the latest survey.

Here's a figure that traditional media could only dream of! If this many Podcast listeners take action because of a 30-second inserted advert, imagine engagment with YOUR BRAND, if the whole Podcast was centred around it!

The most viewed TV show in the UK in 2018 was "I'm a Celebrity..." - 16% of the population watched it - 23% of the population listen to Podcasts... They're MAINSTREAM!

Podcasts are growing quicker that any other medium, including digital streaming (Spotify/iTunes)

ACast research

The Infinite Dial

Whilst this research was carried out in the U.S, it can also be applied to U.K. Podcast listeners.

Podcasts are portable are often used as secondary activities, unlike TV.  They are always available on demand, unlike Radio.

Listeners feel connected to a community of like minded people.  In this safe environment, they are particularly open to suggestion -  This is a great time for YOUR BRAND to be exposed to them.

Most listeners consume Podcasts alone, often with earphones in - It's just them and the host, which creates an intimate feel.  A bond, trust and listener loyalty builds quickly.  

A Branded Podcast from Carrotcruncher connects brands with loyal listeners, who then become loyal consumers.

The Infinite Dial research

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